National Mom’s Nite Out is the brainchild and passion of Maria Bailey, internationally known 'Mom' expert and author of “The Ultimate Mom.” 

National Mom’s Nite Out is a long overdue event and the ultimate attempt to unite moms and companies in celebrating motherhood. What greater thing is there to celebrate than motherhood!

Maria and her team at BSM Media have reached out to every mom influencer, mommy group, social media network and company they’ve ever met along their decade in the mom market to create the ultimate Mom’s Nite Out.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our National Mom's Nite Out blog to stay in the loop with all that will be taking place from now and until our event. 

Also, get to know our planning committee and feel free to contact us if you ever have a question, comment, want to participate as a sponsor, or just want to say hi. I will be updating weekly with the news, details, facts, and all the down right goodness that comes along with celebrating motherhood!

Thanks and see you soon!

National Mom's Nite Out Headquarters

National Mom's Nite Out is on Twitter

National Mom's Nite Out Blog administrators: Sue Robinson of Motherhood and Me and Molly Gold of GO MOM Inc!


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