Fadra N Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm totally SHOCKED that no one has asked me this question. Maybe moms out there are afraid to ask. I'll answer it anyway.

I'm wearing: WHATEVER I WANT!

This is your night out. If you work in business suits all day long and want to wear sweats, get comfy and come. If your an at-home mommy that stays in sweats all day long and want a chance to dress up, go for it! Want to wear your skinny jeans? Or medium-sized jeans? Wear whatever makes you feel good.

Are you worried that you might just show up on What Not to Wear? Don't worry. That's okay too - especially since one lucky lady will be chosen for an on-the-spot makeover!

Now back to me. I am seriously considering my options. Many of us working on the planning committee are excited to see this event come together so we just might glam it up and go all out GIRLS NIGHT OUT. (We are women first, after all).

It's going to be hot in the Triangle tomorrow. So I'm pretty sure I'm looking at a sleeveless dress. I've got a cute black dress with dots on it. But it shows quite a bit of leg and this early in the season, my legs might blind the crowd. I've got a darling green dress with an empire waist (conceals my dessert binging) but don't really have the right shoes. And then I have a nice little black dress. It's a bit roomy and may look like a potato sack but I could accessorize with my cute green sandals and a chunky necklace.

I'll guess you'll just have to stay tuned to see what ends up clean, unwrinkled, and not totally unflattering for my attire. I can guarantee one thing. I've got the perfect bag. Two of them, in fact, One under each eye :)

See you moms tomorrow night!


Carolina Mama said...

Regardless of the dress or outfit, it's going to be an awesome night! Looking forward to it!

Marketing Mama said...

Holy #$%^ this post totally cracked me up. Bags under each eye?!! You are ridiculous and lovely :)

Ilina said...

Ha! I have two sets of bags...under my eyes and these damn saddle bags attached to my hips.

Mari said...

I'm glamming it up! Can't wait to see everyone in a couple of hours!

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